etanan koti とは、フィンランド語で "かたつむりの家" です。





少しへこませる、少し立体にする、その少しがめっちゃ難しい!このページも、いつか "すごーい" デザインにしてみたいです。

About " etanan koti ". 
" etanan koti " means " snail's house " in Finnish. 
During Polar night season, the sky changes color to dark blue in Lapland. 
When I went to Finland, I saw that sky color. I really like the color. It is very very beautiful and clear. 

When I considered the website's name,I remenbered that color. So, this is why I use Finnish. 
In the snail's shell , I'm thinking of drawing snow or the Christmas tree or fresh verdure and more every season. It must be pretty. 

I'm into paper cutout and taking photos. 
Recently, I've been studying computers just a little bit. It's difficult for me to put the computer to good practical use. 
Someday, I want to make this website great. I will be happy if you have fun looking at this website.